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What is a Parish Mission? 


Usually a parish Mission consists of Preaching at all the Sunday Masses with the First conference taking place on Sunday Evening, The total Mission would last till Wednesday inclusive and each conference would  usually be around 7pm.


What Should a Parish Expect?


Before as well as during the Mission, it would be helpful to have paper and pencils in the pews or at the back of the Church so that if anyone has a question they can write it down anonymously. All questions will be answered by the end of the Mission.


I seek at all times to be 100% in harmony with our Holy Father, The Local Bishop, The Pastor and the teaching Magisterium of the Church. If there is a program promulgated by the Local Ordinary or the Pastor, Please inform me so that I can include it in the Mission.

It is best to arrange the Mission a Minimum of 6 months in advance although in some cases if my schedule permits I would be willing with even less notice.




  • The topic on the first day would be "TIME AND ETERNITY"

  • The second day, Monday the topic would be “FORGIVENESS”

  • Tuesday night the conference would center on the Holy Eucharist.

  • Wednesday, the closing night, would be on the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Cross.



I would preach at all Sunday Masses, at which time the Mission would begin.


Sunday evening at 7pm would be the First conference. There should be a large Crucifix in the Nave of the Church that all can see clearly. (it will be referenced throughout the Mission), if there is no image of the Crucified Christ, I will provide one. If possible a large white board with colored markers, used only for the first conference, if the parish does not have one, will bring it with me


Monday evening at 7pm would be the second conference. (it is on this night that we would be hearing Confessions and would be good to have a few Priests available after the conference) They should be informed of the Life confessions since the conference will focus on that particular form of Penance


Tuesday evening at 7pm would be the third conference.


Wednesday evening at 7pm would be the fourth and final conference. (It is at this time that the Plenary Indulgence is given and I will be distributing to each person a Crucifix Blessed by our Holy Father and two images, one of the Divine Mercy and the other of our Blessed Mother.


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